Which Is Worse: The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Nightmare That Came True?

A nightmare that came true, the one that haunted the family in the Grimms home, or the one from the storybook?

The one where the Christmas spirit came home?

“It’s a little bit of both,” the Grimm brothers explained to Newsweek.

“We have these really long memories of the Christmas fairy tale and the Halloween story, and it was very similar.”

The Grimms were, by all accounts, very close with their families, and the tradition of dressing up as the Grims for Halloween has grown over the years.

So, when their son asked them to recreate the Grim molds, they agreed.

“My brother and I had this big project, and we would just do it every year,” says John Grimm.

“He had this little black suit with all these fancy lights.

He had this suit and a hat and everything, and he’d wear it all the way through the day.

And I would go into the house, and my mom would have her makeup on, and I would have my makeup on.

And then we’d go downstairs, and then we would go downstairs again, and you know, I think it was about 11 in the morning.”

“Then we would get up and walk around the house and play with our friends,” adds Sarah Grimm, who also played her part.

“And we’d have dinner and we’d laugh.

And it was fun, but it was also very scary.”

The two brothers’ Christmas storybook was originally published in 1929, with illustrations by John Grimms.

In fact, the storybooks were not a part of the Grim family for quite some time.

“I think we had to move our family to the next town, because the family was very poor,” John Grims says.

“When we moved there, we had two kids, so we couldn’t afford it anymore.

And we had this house with no electricity, no running water, and no running food.

And they said, ‘John, we need to sell this house, so the next day, you have to make this little Christmas story book.'”

They decided to write the book, but not until the Grim brothers moved to Michigan.

“It was just a dream,” Sarah Grimms says.

“[I] remember looking at my husband’s work, and they were doing these great little stories about elves and fairies and everything that you’d want to read, and John’s story was a little more like what he wanted to write.”

Sarah Grims had a dream to write a book that would tell the Grim’s story.

But the two children’s lives changed forever, when she and her husband died suddenly in the 1980s.

“The only thing that I have in common with my husband, and all of us who have lost our parents, is that we didn’t get to tell a story together,” Sarah says.

And she didn’t think John Grim’s book would be so popular.

“So when John died, and when Sarah passed away, I was really upset,” she says.

But it wasn’t just the Grim storybooks that got the Grim kids excited about their future.

“For me, John was a hero,” Sarah adds.

“A real hero.

And he was the one who said, you know what, you need to make a new Christmas story, because there is nothing that you can’t make a story about.

And that’s just the way it was.”

And it would be John Grim who would write his story.

“John was very creative,” Sarah explains.

“His story was so well done that I thought, Oh my god, he has a great story to tell.”

And the two brothers decided to try to make their own Christmas storybooks.

“There were three things we wanted to do,” Sarah tells Newsweek.

“[The] storybook, the dolls, and a Halloween costume for our son.”

They got together and decided that they would create their own version of the story book and then take it to a local bookshop.

The Grimm Brothers say they didn’t know anyone who would buy their book.

“They’d come in, and say, ‘Well, I have a book, and here’s the story,’ and then they’d walk out,” Sarah said.

“Then John would walk in and he would say, Okay, I’m the author of this, and so they would take the book and we were going to start putting them together.

And the book was never finished.”

The book became known as The Halloween Storybook.

The book was published in the United States in 1983 and eventually became a best-seller in Britain.

It has sold more than 300 million copies, and was also adapted into a children’s book series.

But one of the most striking aspects of the book is that it was written by John.

“That book was his idea,” Sarah laughs.

“Our mom and dad loved that book, so they just said, Oh, we

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