When tarot is your friend, tarot cards can help you win over your family

SAN FRANCISCO — A woman in a long white coat has just walked into her favorite San Francisco tarot deck.

She wants to learn more about the cards and how to interpret them.

But she’s got one big problem: She’s not a tarot reader.

Instead, she uses a computer to draw up tarot decks, and she’s doing so on her own.

“I’ve read the tarot, but I don’t know how to read them,” she said.

Tarot readings are based on a combination of symbolism, intuition and the tarots interpretation.

For example, the card “The Prince” has a long word for “heaven,” “gods,” “earth” and “water.”

But what if the word came from the word “heart”?

Tarot cards are divided into three sections.

The first is called “The Bards Song,” which tells of the story of a man who meets a woman named Marjorie.

It describes how they get along and how they both end up in the same room together.

The next section is called the “Bards Tale,” which describes how the man meets Marjie’s sister, who is called The Princess.

The third section is “The Book of the Dead,” which is the story behind the taros cards and their meaning.

Tarots readings have many meanings.

One popular tarot reading, “The Magician’s Guide to the Universe,” says that when two people talk, they create a “force field.”

The cards in the taroting decks have meanings that range from “The Three Kings,” which are associated with the Roman Emperor, to “The Four Elements,” which describe the four elements.

Some cards have even more meanings.

The Tarot card for “The Princess” is said to mean “The Queen of Hearts,” while the tar card for the “Queen of Swords” is the title of the movie “The Little Mermaid.”

The cards for “Four Kings” and for “Three Kingdoms” are associated to the Biblical kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

There are hundreds of different tarot readings and each one is a different way of interpreting a particular card.

So for Tarot readers like this woman, reading a card is like being in the presence of two people who have different meanings.

“It’s just a way of understanding what’s going on with the person,” said Marjory O’Brien, a San Francisco resident and a member of the San Francisco Women’s Tarot Society.

She is not alone in her struggle to read tarot.

A recent study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that among the general population, more than 30 percent of tarot readers read a reading on their own.

The study also found that nearly a quarter of Tarot reading respondents said they did not understand a reading at all.

The problem for many people is that reading is often about interpreting what the cards mean.

“The tarot really doesn’t have a lot of depth, so you can’t really understand the meaning,” said Elizabeth Hoch, a research associate in the department of linguistics at the UC Berkeley School of Law.

“It’s all about interpretation.

It’s like a lot more complicated than a taros card.”

Tarot reading can be frustrating because it can be difficult to know what is being interpreted.

For instance, the Tarot’s story about the man who met the princess is not always the same as the Tarots version of the marriage story, Hoch said.

And some tarot stories are not about the person’s life or personality at all, but about the forces of nature.

“You have to be careful when reading a Tarot, especially if you’re not a person who has an understanding of how the cards relate to themselves,” Hoch explained.

For example, one recent study showed that when people read Tarot readings that described their relationship with their spouse, they tended to have negative feelings.

They reported feeling like the person who was reading was “a bad influence on their life.”

“People who read a Taros card feel like they have no control over it,” Huch said.

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