When I was a child, I watched cartoons with puppets

A family of three is not just going to be entertained by a cartoon.

When I started to play with my toys as a child and was amazed by the creativity of my friends, I started thinking about how to make cartoons and how to entertain myself.

I had no idea how to write and draw, but I was already fascinated with drawing.

And my dad, who was an engineer, encouraged me to be an artist, too.

I wanted to be the best I could be and become the best cartoonist I could.

I started my first cartooning class at my university and was hooked.

I could see that I was different from other students, so I wanted something new and different.

So I quit school and started working as an animator.

It was a very stressful and dangerous job, because you had to keep working at it for months and months at a time.

You were constantly learning and thinking about your drawings.

The biggest challenge was not to make mistakes and keep improving, but just to keep going.

I would always ask myself, what do I want to do next?

Every day, I would ask myself that.

But I knew that I could make it as a cartoonist if I just keep working.

So when I was 16, I got a job as a writer and illustrator at a small print shop in Kolkata.

It paid me Rs 25 a day, and I was happy.

That was a huge relief for me, because my parents had already made the decision to give me my education at home, when they had already decided to send me to a private school.

It took me a while to realise that my parents were not so happy with me and that I needed to get better.

I thought that the best way to get a job was to draw cartoons for them, and that’s how I got my first job as an illustrator.

I did some cartoons and eventually I got paid by the shop.

I worked there for a few years and was also published.

After I got out of the shop, I decided to go back to my family and start drawing again.

I began doing cartoons for friends and family members, and they loved them.

Then, I realised that I wanted my own cartoons, so we started working on a cartoon series together, called Wendy Fairy Tale.

I loved working with other cartoonists, and it gave me a great confidence to start working again.

So, I continued drawing cartoons and doing other things.

My parents always encouraged me, saying that if I could draw my cartoons for one person, I could do it for everybody.

It felt good to be a cartoon artist, and now I feel that I am a cartooning superstar.

In 2017, I became the youngest ever recipient of the Kolkota-based ArtPrize.

That award is awarded to cartoonists and illustrators from around the world for their contributions to the arts.

In this year’s edition, the winner was a family of four, who drew a picture of a girl, the title Wendys’ Fairy Tale, for their mother’s birthday.

It became the highest-grossing cartoon ever drawn.

The cartoon was a collaboration with the late illustrator Bimal Chokal and was called “Kali, Kali, Kali”.

A young girl named Kali is standing in front of a house and has a fairy-tale face, which she wears around her neck and holds in her hands.

She is surrounded by a bunch of cute animals and then a big red star, which her parents name is Kalki.

The family has made a cartoon that depicts Kali, who has an older sister named Kali.

The young girl is crying, because her parents have told her that Kali’s sister has died and that she must get ready to go to heaven.

I am happy that my family has created such a beautiful picture.

It has taken me a long time to get used to drawing on my own.

I love to draw, and when I get tired of drawing, I want my friends to look at my drawing and say, “How does it feel to draw like this?”

I also want to work in cartoons as a way of making money.

I have worked in a gallery, and in that job I have always been paid fairly, and there are many people who have told me that they think that I should make more money.

But that’s not my intention.

My aim is to earn money.

For me, drawing is the only way I can earn money, and if I can do it at the level that I have done it in, then that’s my goal.

I can only be happy when I am making money, too, and this is the main reason why I do cartoons.

In fact, my mother used to say to me, “Why don’t you make money as an artist?

I know you can’t do it.”

I said, “I’ll just draw.

I will have no problems. I don

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