When Disney’s ‘Frozen’ made its big splash in India, ‘Disneyland’ didn’t just survive but thrived in its new home

The biggest story of the Disney movie business this year may be that Disney World is a huge success in India.

The movie-themed theme park, which opened in 2010, has attracted more than 1 billion visitors in a decade, a record in the world of theme parks.

And that is despite a huge drop in its ticket prices, as well as the country’s economic slowdown, which is pushing families out of the cities and into the countryside.

For now, Disneyworld has been able to maintain its place as the global blockbuster destination, despite the loss of the theme parks that had made it one of the most popular in the country.

And in its second year of operations, the park is seeing more than 10 billion dollars in annual revenue.

But this year, the Disneyworld will be the target of a major boycott in India because of its treatment of women and the treatment of migrant workers, including those in the sex industry.

The company has been hit hard in India by protests against a recent policy that prohibits domestic workers from working in the theme park industry.

The workers’ rights group Fierce Women’s Rights India (FWRI), which filed a complaint with the government, said it is targeting Disney World because of what it calls the company’s “continued denial of the existence of migrant sex workers in India.”

According to the FWI, the company has denied the existence or existence of any sex workers for years, including in the last five years.

But last year, Disney announced that it would pay $2.5 million in back wages to more than 20,000 domestic workers.

The company has promised to pay the wages in the coming days.

On Monday, Disney India chief executive officer Rajiv K. K. Singh announced that the company will pay $3.4 million to more 3,000 workers.

But Disney India’s official website says the payment is part of a $5.7 million plan to fund the implementation of the “Fierce Women Initiative” to improve the lives of domestic workers and improve the working conditions of domestic servants.

The issue of women’s rights has been a sticking point in the company in India for years.

The country’s top court, in its ruling on the rights of women in the movie industry, found that the laws restricting women’s access to the workforce were “inherently discriminatory.”

The FWI said the new policy will force women into the “sex industry,” which is a business in which they work in unsafe conditions, as part of their work.

The women will also have to work in restaurants and hotels.

The women will be paid “on a fixed-term basis,” meaning that if they work for less than two weeks, they will not be paid.

The policy is part and parcel of a broader plan to crack down on domestic workers in the Indian economy, including the “Romeo and Juliet” movies.

A similar law was recently imposed on foreign workers, which was later overturned by a lower court.

The FFI has called on Disney to immediately pay the $3 million in wages to the workers.

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