When Disney pulled a #fairytale hentIAA, I was like “oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that, right?”

Disney has removed the popular short film, Fairytale Hentia (born Henti), from its theatrical release this summer.

Fairytale Hendia was the first short film in the Walt Disney Animation Studios canon to receive an Academy Award nomination.

It is an animated feature produced by Disney Pixar Animation Studios, and features a cast of animated fairy tale characters.

Disney has not commented on the short film’s removal.

As a child growing up in the 1960s, I knew I loved Disney films and animated films, and the first film that came to mind was Disney’s original The Lion King.

My parents and I spent our summers in the countryside of Michigan, and we would spend time watching the film on a local television channel.

My favorite Disney film was The Lion and the Unicorn, which was also produced by Walt Disney Studios.

I remember looking at my friends and asking if they had ever seen the film, and they all had a hard time believing me.

They said, “Yeah, but that’s not what we were watching!”

As an adult, I am a big Disney fan and I remember the films I loved as a kid, and it still remains a favorite for me.

There are so many films in the Disney Animated Universe, but I always wondered why so many people loved Disney Animation and not others.

Disney is the Walt Co. of Disney, and there is no one better at creating a unique vision for the characters and stories of its movies.

Disney is known for its innovative storytelling techniques and its knack for creating memorable characters.

If I had to pick one film, I’d say it’s #Fairytia because it was the best of the Disney animated films I could remember.

I think it was one of the most important Disney films in my childhood.

Since the early ’90s, Disney has been producing animated features with a strong focus on characters and story.

Disney Studios released more than 60 feature films between 1999 and 2014, and is in the process of expanding into new franchises.

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