Lego: Fairy Tale of the East

Legos are the most popular toy for kids around the world, and the new Lego series from toy giant Hasbro is bringing them a little closer to reality.

But they can also be dangerous.

In the latest installment of the Lego fantasy series, the company has unveiled a new series called Legos for Dummies that follows a young girl named Lilliana who has been trapped in a castle in the country of Portugal.

Lilliana finds herself trapped in the castle with her sister and the rest of the castle’s other inhabitants as they battle the evil lord Vile, who is attempting to take over the world.

The series follows Lillia’s journey from her humble beginnings as a little girl to the world she will soon inhabit.

She will need all the help she can get in this new world of magic and adventure, with help from the wizard and magician known as The Wizard.

The Lego series also follows the adventures of a mysterious boy named Bizarro and the other Lego heroes as they try to save the world from evil.

Lego’s new fantasy series has also been released in a Lego mini-movie format for kids.

It is a new look at the world of Legos and its creators and has been developed by Lego Studios.

In an exclusive interview with The Verge, Lego CEO Marc-Andre Brevik said that the Lego fairy tale was inspired by real-life events in Portugal and that the new series was also inspired by a recent film, Disney’s Jungle Book, which had been set in Portugal.

“The first Lego fantasy was inspired a few years ago by an event that happened in Portugal, where the castle in question was destroyed by an earthquake and was destroyed,” Brevik told the website.

“We were inspired by this story and we wanted to do something similar.”

“Legos for kids” is set to launch on February 26.

The company’s parent company, the Hasbro family of companies, owns the entire Lego brand.

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