How to write a dog fairy tale

A child in Spain has created a series of dog fairy stories, which is a tribute to her beloved dog Goldilocks.

The story, which has become a popular children’s book, begins with the story of Goldilock the Golden Poodle.

Goldilocker was adopted by her mother when she was six months old.

The tale is about a golden retriever named Silver, who becomes separated from his human family when his owners lose their home.

After Silver and his friends have to survive on their own, they end up on the island of Santa Teresa.

The island is run by the local children’s organisation, the Santa Teresa Santa.

Santa Teresa is the main role of Santa in the tale.

Silver, a golden-coated dog, helps the islanders survive.

In a moment that is the most iconic in the story, Silver tells his mother that he loves her and will always be her best friend.

The dog fairy story also features Silver’s best friend, who goes by the name of Tuxedo, as well as Silver’s grandmother, who also lives on the same island.

Santa Teresa’s Santa is also the most important figure in the fairy tale.

The Santa is the first of many people to be rescued from Santa Teresa and the last to be killed.

The Santa Teresa story is said to be one of the most popular in Spanish history.

The first edition of the book sold in the UK in 1994, and the next editions are sold in Spain.

The new edition of Santa Theresa is due to be released in April 2018.

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