How to build a fairy tale building

This post originally appeared on National Geographic. 

I recently took a tour of the home of one of the founders of fairy tale architecture, F.G. Gass, to learn how his house was built. 

His house is an ode to the American Dream, but the story is far from a simple one. 

The Gass family came to this country in 1915, settling in Chicago. 

F.G., his father, and his brother, Hermann, worked as foresters and mill workers for the family’s father, who had a knack for finding the best land for farming and ranching. 

When the family moved to Chicago, Hermanne was able to secure a large parcel of land that would be the site of their future home. 

As they watched the landscape change around them, the family began thinking about how to build their home. 

 F.J. and his family built the house, a large wooden structure that was able a beautiful design and unique interior. 

In 1915, Hermannis son Hermann started building a wooden house in his garage. 

Today, the Gass house stands as a landmark in the city’s South Side neighborhood. 

 The house is a beautiful tribute to the ideals of the American dream and the desire for an affordable, attractive, and environmentally friendly home.

The Gasses house was originally built for Hermann and F.

J, but he quickly realized that the plan needed more space. 

He sold his interest in the property and began renovating the home.

He added a fireplace and a bathtub, added a second floor and a patio, and also added a swimming pool and a garden. 

On the outside, the house still looks modern, with modern appliances and fixtures. 

But inside, it’s an omelet-shaped home that is a testament to the importance of the dream. 

This house was designed by F. J. GASS, a Chicago architect. 

Photography by Mark McNeil As you can see, the roof of the house is made of wood, which has been used to make the house. 

It is a perfect example of what you need to do to make a home: start with a simple design and build the rest from there. 

Gass’s house was completed in 1918. 

To see more of his work, visit his site, Fairy Tale Architecture. 

You can also find F. G. Gassing on Instagram.

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