How the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme came to be in a necklace

The Beauty and the B&B jewelry company has a line of jewelry that makes it seem like you’ve got a Disney movie character, and in many cases, it’s true.

The jewelry company, Fairy Tale Retellings in California, recently started selling an array of items that tell a fairy tale, but in the case of this collection, they actually made it into an actual bracelet.

“We thought that the Cinderella-like Cinderella and the Beauty and The Beast-like Belle are really cute together, and we thought this was a good idea,” said Elizabeth Schaffer, senior vice president of product management for Fairy Tale.

“It’s all about love and fun.”

The collection consists of two versions of the bracelet, both made from gold and silver.

The first, called “The Belle,” features a hand-crafted Belle figurine, while the second, called the “Cinderella,” is made of a beautiful gold chain.

The company has been selling jewelry inspired by the Disney film franchise since 2010.

The original Cinderella-inspired bracelets went on sale in 2015, and this year, the company plans to offer more accessories inspired by other Disney films.

Fairy Tale also created a line that includes a bow, bowler hat, and a bow tie.

The “CINDERES” bracelet, made of gold and a silver chain, is available for $35, while “THE BEAS” bracelet is available at $69.

You can find both pieces on the Fairy Tale website.

Fairy Tale also recently announced plans to expand its offerings with a line called “Fairytale Princesses,” which includes jewelry inspired to be the Princesses of Arendelle and Arendel.

“Our princesses are pretty cool, and it’s kind of cool to have something like that in the world of fairy tales,” Schaffer said.

“I think it’s really cute to have a character in the Disney world that has been influenced by fairy tales.”

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