How the Aurora Fairy Tale became an internet sensation as a science fiction film

The aurora borealis is a spectacular meteor shower that occurs in late April every year.

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most spectacular meteor showers in the world, and it can be seen across the globe from the Northern Hemisphere to the southernmost point in the Pacific Ocean.

The meteor shower is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere, measuring approximately 200,000 meteors in diameter and streaking through the night sky.

It is known for its spectacular displays of lightning and fireballs that appear on the sky as meteors.

While the aurora has been celebrated since the 17th century, there have been many theories about what causes it, including a comet, meteorites or even extraterrestrial origin.

One popular theory is that the meteors originate from a comet.

Astronomers believe the meteoric bodies could have originated from an object called Comet Hale-Bopp that is in orbit around the sun.

Other theories are that the meteor shower may be caused by a meteor strike.

A meteorite can strike an object that has been flung by the sun, and the impactor could then crash into the object and leave a trail of debris.

The first recorded appearance of an aurora was recorded in 1885, but it was only in 1903 that the auroral spectacle became an annual event.

Since then, the phenomenon has been observed in more than 80 countries.

The last recorded time that the Aurora Boreas were visible across the United States was in September 2016, and on February 4, 2017, it was the last time that it was visible in the Northern United States.

According to NASA, the auroras can be witnessed in more locations than just the Northern hemisphere.

The Northern Hemisphere is home to the majority of the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland is the third largest country in Europe.

Auroras are caused by particles of gas and dust in the atmosphere that scatter light in a pattern that is known as the coronagraph.

This coronagraph reflects sunlight back into space.

The northern hemisphere is dominated by the Earth, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the atmosphere is a much warmer and drier place.

This is due to the planet’s rotation and also the influence of the sun and the Moon.

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