Fairy Tales are on tap for Argentina’s ‘Fairy Story’ drinks

Fairy Tales can be a little on the pricey side, but Argentina is making a bold bet on the cocktail, which is already a hit in the country.

Argentina’s fairy tale cocktail has become a favorite of the nation’s people, and it’s no wonder: It’s got a punchy taste and plenty of flavor.

The drink is a mix of lime, pineapple and orange juice, along with ginger beer and sparkling wine.

And you can mix it up any way you like, with a variety of other ingredients.

There’s an array of fairy tale cocktails on tap in Argentina.

(Getty Images)You can enjoy it with beer, wine or a cocktail made with citrus fruits such as oranges, guavas or mangoes.

It can be mixed up with orange bitters, lemon juice, lime, mint or a little more.

You can also add a bit of orange zest to help flavor it.

The drink is available in Argentina’s biggest markets including Buenos Aires, Santiago and Guadalajara.

Here are some other bars and restaurants in the capital that offer it:• Barrio Alianza, at the Old Port of Buenos Aires.

The drinks menu includes a variety drinks including a gin and tonic with a pineapple and mango drink and a rum and lime margarita with a citrus twist.• Barroque, at Hotel Marcela in Santiago.

The bar offers a drink with a lemon twist and is stocked with a large number of fairy tales.• El Rodeo, at El Romba in Santiago, serves a cocktail called “Fairy Tale.”

It’s a lime, orange and lime juice cocktail that has a twist on the traditional margaritas.• La Luchas, at La Casa del Mundo in Santiago offers a cocktail featuring pineapple, lime and orange flavors.

It’s worth noting that the drink is not a real drink, but rather a concoction of ingredients that are added to the mix.

The bar that serves the drinks in Santiago is owned by Miguel D’Oro, the director of the famous Chihuahua restaurant.

He said the bar is a part of the restaurant’s repertoire and that he started to offer the drink in the early 2000s.

“We started offering it because the bartender told us it was a good drink, and we liked it,” he said.

The bartender was the original source of the drink, he said, but the bar owner decided to add a splash of orange juice to the drink when he realized it was the perfect time to do so.

“The bartenders who worked here used to make the drink every night.

We didn’t want to make it,” D’Orro said.

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