‘Fairy tale: The Most Dangerous Woman on Earth’ film trailer debuts in UK

The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ reboot, which will be directed by James Mangold and written by Matt Reeves, has been announced as the first film in the Fantastic Beasts franchise to hit UK cinemas.

The film, which is based on the Harry Potter books, is due to open in cinemas on November 17.

A trailer has been released, featuring a character in a hooded cloak and hoodie talking about a mysterious creature in a magical world.

“The most dangerous woman on earth” (in her own words), she says.

“It’s a woman who has no fear and a heart of gold.”

The title of the trailer reads: “The Most Dangerous woman on Earth”.

Mangold, who directed the first two films in the franchise, told the Hollywood Reporter that the new film will “tell a story that will have its roots in the magical world of Harry Potter, but with a twist.”

“There’s an element of magic that’s going to be present, but it’s not just the magic,” he said.

“There are creatures that are very similar to Harry Potter and are not.

We’ve also got creatures that were introduced in ‘The Hunger Games’ that are going to show up, and then we’ve got the first female Wizard in the wizarding world.”

The new film is being produced by Fantastic Beasts writer/director James Mangolds (Warcraft, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and will be co-written by Reeves.

It is unclear whether the film will star Emma Watson, who played the witch in the films “The Hunger Game” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

The director said the new “Fantasies” film would not be an adaptation of any of the movies, and would be based on his own vision.

Mangolds and Reeves have previously worked together on the hit movie “The Martian”, which will hit cinemas in 2018.

The “FANTASIES” franchise has been produced by the Fantastic Studios.

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