Disney Princesses Are Here: 10 Disney Fairy Tales that have made you cry, laugh, or laugh a lot

The Disney Princess is a popular trope in the media, with many movies and TV shows featuring them.

A number of popular Disney fairy tales, including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Cinderella, have been adapted into animated feature films and TV series.

Now, the popular princesses are back in the news as some are getting new spin-offs and animated shows to replace them.


The Little Prince and His Sisters: The Little Princess is the first Disney Princess to be adapted into an animated series.

The series will focus on the Little Prince, a male protagonist and his three sisters, as they travel to the kingdom of Arendelle, where they find themselves living with the King of the South.

The show has been described as a “bromance” between the two main characters, which will be the focus of the show’s story.


The Adventures of Tintin: A reimagining of TINTIN by Disney.

The new series is a spin-off of TIN, the beloved animated series by Disney which has spawned dozens of spin-ins, including the upcoming TINT-inspired movie, which stars the voice talents of Will Arnett, Emma Watson, and Zendaya.


The Snow Queen: This Disney Princess will return for a sequel in 2019, with the sequel focusing on Snow Queen, a Snow White princess.

Disney’s Princess Jasmine and Princess Aurora will also be joining the cast of the series, which is set to debut in 2020.


The Secret of Narnia: This is the third animated princess film by Disney that has been adapted.

It is about the life of Princess Narnie, a young girl from the land of Nords, who is drawn to the mystical lands of Niflheim.


The Lion King: This series follows the adventures of a lion named Tic-Tac-Toe who travels the world to save innocent children from wolves and lions.

The Disney Animated Series is known for creating a large ensemble cast for its animated films, and the Lion King has been a huge success for Disney.


Cinderella: Cinderella’s story is an adaptation of The Little Red Riding Hood by Disney, and will be adapted in 2020 for an animated TV series starring Scarlett Johansson.


Sleeping Beauty: The series is based on the Disney fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The original story follows Sleeping Beauty and her sisters as they go on a magical journey through the land.


Cinderella II: The second installment in the Cinderella series, Cinderella II will follow the adventures that Cinderella and her friends go on to the Royal Gardens of Arethusa.


Sleeping Giants: This adaptation of the classic tale of The Sleeping Giants will focus in on the lives of three siblings, and it will be set during the reign of King Triton.


Sleeping with the Dragon: This animated series is about a boy and his dragon, and stars Scarlett Johansen, Kate Mulgrew, and Michelle Williams.

The film is slated to debut on Disney XD later this year.

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