A family of ghosts on the edge of death in a ghost story from India

A family in India is going to die of cancer after losing their husband and daughter and are now facing the unknown.

The family is one of the first to be declared “ghostly” after they were declared “incurable” on the National Cancer Registry.

Their death has shocked their neighbours, relatives and friends.

“They are just two of the many ghosts that inhabit the village.

They are living in the ghost village.

There are others like them, who are the real ghosts,” said Manish, a resident of Maunna village, a few kilometres away from the village of Gauravgarh.

Maunna is the capital of Mysore district and a few miles from the Gauravagarh ghost village where the family lives.

The couple had been married for more than 50 years.

The couple’s death has devastated the village and neighbouring villages.

“They are not just the ghosts that live in the village, they are the ghosts of the village too,” said an official of the Gauri Nagar police station.

Gauravaabh is one such village where residents said that a family of ghostly men live in their village.

“I have seen some of them at the town gate.

They have been staying at the gate.

I had seen them with my own eyes.

I did not know who they were,” said a resident, who did not want to be named.

The police said that the family has lived in the town for more then 20 years.

“The people living in Gauravanagarh have no family in the neighbouring villages, but they are still living in their ancestral village in Mysuru,” the police officer said.

A group of villagers, who asked to be identified as Shanti, a woman, said that they are “devastated” and “devoted to the village”.

“The family of the deceased had been living in Maunnana village for many years.

We are in shock.

Our family has a strong connection with the village,” Shanti said.

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