A BENGALI MALE who helped make a fake hit movie a real hit movie in the U.K.

The British actor, known for his role in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, will star in the film adaptation of the 2013 Bollywood hit Fairy Tale Intro.

The movie, produced by the British film company New Line Cinema and helmed by the award-winning director Anupam Kher, will also star the British-born star of British television series, Big Brother.

The film is a sequel to the 2009 film.

Kher will serve as executive producer, and his wife, actress Anushka Sharma, will serve in a supporting role.

The film will also be written by Kher and produced by New Line.

The Bollywood blockbuster has grossed more than $1.7 billion worldwide.

The original hit, released in 2009, grossed $2.6 billion worldwide and made Kher a Hollywood celebrity.

“I am very excited to be the executive producer of a new and original film based on a classic Bollywood film, which has become a global phenomenon,” said Kher.

“The story of the Cinderella Cinderella and the Fairy Tale Cinderella is a story that we have never seen before and I am thrilled to share it with our audiences and the world.”

The film will be produced by Katerina Schoener, who wrote and directed Beauty and The Beast, as well as by New Zealand director Jad Saxton, who is producing with producer and co-writer Kher in the project.

The filmmakers have previously made the film in the United States.

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